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Retirement is a time of change


and for many people it also signals a time to change your home. Whether you’re downsizing now that the kids have homes of their own or are dreaming of creating a new space, a new style and lifestyle, retirement can open up the doors to new possibilities.

Members of our team have spent decades specializing in new homes for retirees in Bobcaygeon. And we know that you’re not just buying a new home, you want to know you’ll be happy in your new community and surroundings.

Always a popular cottage destination, over the decades, Bobcaygeon has evolved to become one of — if not, the most desirable village in the Kawarthas for retirees. And in turn, a younger generation has risen up to provide the kinds of shopping, dining and services that make Bobcaygeon a well balanced, friendly and safe town.

Residents of Port 32 are pleasantly surprised when their hectic workaday lives that don’t leave much time for getting to know the neighbours are supplanted by a community and group of people that seemingly exists to promote a happier, more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.


“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Port 32. We have wonderful neighbours and friends; we have participated in and enjoyed many activities and social gatherings. We are within walking distance of town, and in addition to joining the curling club, we both volunteer with the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels and feel a real part of the community of Bobcaygeon.”
Geoff Cross, Port 32

Why you’ll love Bobcaygeon:


Water at every turn


Bobcaygeon, a village on three islands, lives where Pigeon and Sturgeon Lakes meet as part of the Trent Severn Waterway making it a boater’s paradise and contributing to a lifestyle that is at once peaceful and lively.



Located about two hours from downtown Toronto, Bobcaygeon is still within reach and only getting more accessible. With the in-progress extension of Hwy 407 to Hwy 115, a trip to the city will be clear sailing (and we can’t wait).



Encore and Port 32 are located in the heart of Bobcaygeon and an easy walk to downtown shops and eateries.

Year-round activities


Unlike some cottage country haunts that roll up the sidewalks after Labour Day, Bobcaygeon is full of life and activities in every season.



Bobcaygeon has become a destination for shoppers far and wide. Bigley’s may be the closest thing to a great department store a small town could hope for. Not to mention the countless other gems and fabulous home accessory stores that call Bobcaygeon home (and perfect for just the right finishes to your new home).



Perhaps living here, we take it for granted, but a recent survey of Port 32 residents cited a feeling of safety as an important plus about Bobcaygeon.


“I find Port 32 (Bobcaygeon) a safe, friendly and pleasing place to live. Lots of activities where you can get as involved as you want and need.”
Ken Cowell, Port 32

In a nutshell,


Bobcaygeon is small enough to make it easy to meet new people and large enough to provide everything you’ll need. You’ll be as active as you choose to be and embrace the peacefulness it offers at every turn.

And here’s what you can’t know until you experience it: the quiet satisfaction as you see the weekend traffic head back to the city on Sunday evening knowing for you, everyday is Saturday.

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