Port 32 residents share what makes for a great retirement

We know that entering a new phase of life and buying a home is a major life transition, especially during your retirement years. As you explore your options it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. That’s where we come in.

After years of experience in the retirement market helping hundreds of people just like you, we have a pretty good idea of what makes for a great retirement. After all, we know you’re not just building a new home, you’re building your new life.

Listening to years of feedback and satisfaction surveys from our neighbours here at Port 32 has helped us narrow down the top five characteristics of a great retirement. Some of these essentials can only truly be appreciated once you’re here. But thanks to the insights shared by our friends and neighbours here in Port 32, we’re able to give you the inside scoop.

Read on to see how these “top five” factors can help you move forward (literally!) with putting down roots in the right retirement community for you.

1. Friendship

In general, people purchase in Port 32 for the gorgeous homes in an unparalleled setting. What they may not have expected are the life-changing friendships made once they’re here. It just makes sense. Port 32 (and soon Encore) attracts like-minded people all at a stage of life where they finally have the time to have fun, indulge their hobbies and learn new ones. Whether you’re hoping to get involved in boating, golfing, community volunteering or just want to gather for a game of cards, you’ll find plenty of folks who share your interests—and plenty of opportunities to forge lasting, meaningful friendships.

There are so many great anecdotes from our friends here at Port 32.

Here’s one from residents Dave and Sharon Cation:

“We loved the idea of our beautiful home and being on the Trent Severn system but we found out the most important aspect of being here, was the people. We hadn’t really thought about this that much but it was the residents of Port 32 that became the most wonderful part of our lives here. We have made life long friends and have had such great times!”

2. Location, location, location.

Situated on a slice of cottage-country paradise known as Bobcaygeon, Encore is strategically located in one of the premier recreational communities in the Kawartha Lakes. Residents and visitors to the region are lured by the scenic beauty, friendly locals and a wealth of available activities.

The landscape is dotted with hundreds of lakes and waterways offering seasonal recreational activities—and, of course, year-round million dollar views. In addition, Encore at Port 32, is an easy walk to the heart of Bobcaygeon—a blissfully relaxed village where locals stop to watch the boats float through town as they stroll to restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and an array of cultural happenings. No matter what your vision of the future looks like—filled with active fun or quiet and relaxed —our customers noted Bobcaygeon as a key ingredient to their happy retirements.

3. Small-town living with big-city access.

Residents of Port 32 value the benefits of cottage-country living. They describe a close-knit community where people care about each other and where the frantic pace of the rest of the world feels, well, world’s away. But if the city still harkens to you from time to time or city services are a necessity, you’ll always be within an easy drive of a major metropolis; Toronto is just an hour-and-a-half away. And soon we’ll be bypassing city traffic with the new 407 extension all the way to Hwy 115 now under construction. (We can’t wait!)

4. Safety Matters.

It’s no secret that people want to feel safe—and peace of mind is especially important when choosing where you’ll put down roots post-retirement. While long-time residents of Bobcaygeon may take it for granted, several Port 32 residents cited “feeling safe” in Port 32 and the larger community as important to their overall well being. Encore residents will enjoy the same community culture as Port 32’s first phases, where neighbours are … well, neighbourly and look out for one another.

5. A beautiful home – with a little less maintenance.

And it all circles back to what attracts so many in the first place – a gorgeous home. This time, however, Encore will offer options that provide a beautiful home, with less maintenance. With plans ringing in around 1,550 to nearly 1,800-square-feet, Encore will offer all the space Port 32 plans have offered, but with a condominium option so you can spend more time with friends and less time with your grass and snow.

We know from experience that building your retirement home is a chance to update your style. It’s what makes personalizing your home with our Gold and Platinum packages along with our expert guidance, a fun and exciting process culminating in a home you’ll be proud to show off.

Encore is coming soon-

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