When we win, YOU win.

When you’re building a new home, you want to know you’re choosing the right builder. It’s a big decision, a big purchase and a big part of your retirement.

We get that.

And that’s why this happy news for us, may be important to you too:

We’ve been named “Best Customer Experience Winner 2017” for Ontario by independent rating service, Customer Insights.

Customer Insights surveys each and every one of our home buyers — three and twelve months after they take possession of their new home. It’s important to us to know precisely what our customers think of their home, the service we provide and the process of buying their home.

Of course — no one likes a bragger, but… we’re pretty tickled.

Providing a stellar experience for our customers is so important to us. We enjoy helping our clients plan their ideal new home and according to the surveys, so do they!

And, apparently, their friends and family hear it too. Countless clients have come to us through word of mouth, which let’s us know we’re doing our job right. We thought it might be important to you to know what customers think about the experience along with just a few of the many comments from a those surveys:

“Our home fits us perfectly. It’s exactly what we wanted.”

Wherever possible, we want to expand your options to help you arrive at your ideal home. From floor plan layout options at Port 32 to building a custom cottage or home, you have the invitation to make your home fit you. You can customize your layout—say, by expanding the kitchen or swapping a tub for a walk-in shower—choose finishes that you love and more.

Quality home, well built by people who are excellent at their jobs and excel at customer service.
– David Morgan.

“They did things right.”

We have a confession: we are fussy. We want things done right, and that’s why we’re big on things like attention to detail and why we don’t believe in quick fixes. Simply put: our reputation is important to us. We are particularly selective when it comes to hiring the trades who will build the place you build memories for years to come. Our same construction crews and tradespeople have been working for Marshall Homes for decades. You can bet your new home will be built right because we believe that’s the only way for something to be done.

We purchased a home in Port 32 in Bobcaygeon and can’t say enough about the service and workmanship of everyone involved. Georgina’s engaging personality make her an excellent asset to the organization. The help which she provided made the purchase and selection process go very smoothly. Georgina alleviates a lot of stress giving informative advice on interior design. This is not the first time we have had a house built and the whole Port 32 process is far superior to anything we have experienced elsewhere and the people who work at Port 32 played an important role in this assessment. Thank you,
– Brian and Janet Grainger

“My kitchen is a cook’s dream!”

We know that the kitchen is the heart of your home; it’s where you spend time prepping dinners, where you entertain friends and family, and it should be perfect. With the popularity of open concept living, your kitchen needs to be as beautiful as it is hard working. That’s why we have made every element in your kitchen completely customizable down to the smallest detail.

Port 32 Kitchen

Whether you want a built-in oven, glass-front cabinets and pull-out drawers or a spacious butler’s pantry and loads of recessed lighting, we can make it happen. Overwhelmed by the options? We will work closely with you to help you create a space that is the perfect mix of form and function.

Well constructed, air tight, very pleasant both indoors and out. I especially like our kitchen/ living room area with fireplace. Also the screened porch is wonderful. We LOVE living here!! Marshall Homes you do a GREAT job.
-Kenneth Moss

“The Marshall Homes folks became our friends.”

We spend more time with our clients than most builders. Building a home is a highly personal process, and enjoying the journey with you is our pleasure. We interact with our customers often and truly listen, giving us the privilege of turning clients into friends. Yes, it can be fun.

I personally wouldn’t change anything. The staff and the overall process was fantastic. Great people behind a great brand.
-Gengeswaren Kathiravelu

“They helped me refresh my style.”

Your home should reflect your personal style. Helping people freshen up their current decor or discover a new signature look that fits their new home—whether it’s at Port 32, Encore or in one of our custom cottages— is our passion. We’ll cheer you along as you hone in on your vision and can help you select everything from paint colors to flooring.

“Every time I called, they answered.”

Being available to talk with our clients any time they have a question or a concern is one of our top priorities. We stay in close contact during the design and building phase, but our care doesn’t stop there. Once your house is built, we’ll check in with you at 30-days post build and again at the one-year mark to make sure you’re still as happy as you were the first day you moved in.

The home is extremely well built. Our friends have commented on the quality of the workmanship. Staff is always pleasant and efficient. Everything we asked to have fixed was done so without pushback and in a timely manner.
–John Burns

We could tell you more about what we do here at Marshall Homes. But, really, this isn’t about us. It’s about you. We want to help you find the home of your dreams — whether it’s a custom home, custom cottage or the eagerly anticipated Encore at Port 32.

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