Moving to Port 32

A big decision…and perhaps the best one you’ll make!

Making a move to a small town, many miles from where you currently live is a big decision. For some of our residents it was a natural choice as they have enjoyed the cottage life in the Kawarthas and already had a fond attachment to the area. But for many, living in Bobcaygeon is a whole new experience, and totally different lifestyle than what they are used to.

It might help you to know that the majority of people already enjoying Port 32 are formerly from the GTA and surprisingly enough the transition from the busy urban life to a picturesque, slower paced but active lifestyle has been remarkably easy. That may have a lot to do with the people who live here. Without a doubt, this is one friendly town! You feel welcome the moment you move in and are made a part of the fun right off the bat.

So many times, people have commented on how moving to Port 32 was the best thing they ever did.

There is something for everyone in our lovely village. Port 32 and Shore Spa, offer countless activities, sports, clubs, outings, and so much more. You will never be bored and as so many people say they have never been busier! If you like to volunteer there are unlimited organizations in Bobcaygeon that would love your help. It’s a very caring community and you feel a part of it right away.

So many times, people have commented on how moving to Port 32 was the best thing they ever did. More than anything, it’s the lifestyle that they have adopted along with meeting so many new people who all share so much in common that has made their retirement better than they could have imagined. Oh and by the way, you might even see the kids more than you did when you lived in the same area! It’s a fun place for your family to come and enjoy…and they stay for the weekend, not just for a couple of hours. Ask John and Marg Kirk from Oakville.