Our “No Worries” Conditional Offer

Reserve your lot while you sell your home

If you’ve spotted the perfect lot, chosen the ideal plan and are keen to get your new Port 32 under way, but need to get your current home on the market, why not take advantage of the Marshall Homes “No Worries” Conditional offer.

Lock in your price and favourite lot and we’ll give you three months to sell your home. If you don’t have success we will gladly refund your $3,000.00 deposit. In the meantime, we will have part of the process already underway so that we can proceed if you do sell your home. You have nothing to lose!

For more details on the Marshall Homes “No Worries” Conditional Offer please contact us on our toll free line at 1-888-528-5555 or e-mail sales@port32.com.