Building a custom cottage: 4 reasons why new beats old

Life is better at the cottage. No one knows this better than folks lucky enough to escape to the Kawartha Lakes. Whether you’re gathering with family and friends for a weekend of fun or escaping for a quiet respite where relaxation is the only thing on your agenda, this idyllic region, with its abundance of lakes and natural beauty, is the ideal getaway.

If renting or borrowing a cottage is your usual go-to getaway plan when you head to the Kawarthas, there is one thing guaranteed to make your vacations even better: having a home away from home of your very own. But buying an existing cottage can come with a slew of issues, because, let’s be honest, old cottages come with old problems. That’s the bad news. The good news? You can create your own, new cottage with all of the benefits of a custom build and none of the hassle, stress and expense that typically comes with designing a home from scratch. Really.

For more proof that building a new Marshall Homes cottage beats buying a pre-existing cottage every time, check out these the five realities of old vs. new cottages:

1. Older cottages need updating. It’s true that an aging cottage can possess a certain charm, but even if the architecture appeals to you, old plumbing, electrical and heating systems probably don’t. In addition to the costly job of bringing these older systems up to date, replacing other worn out building features (think: insulation, roofing, and windows) can result in high, out-of-pocket expenses.

Besides the cost, let’s be real, you want to spend time enjoying your cottage, not fixing it. The last thing you want to be worrying about during a weekend getaway is replacing leaky pipes or old wiring. When you build new, you’re guaranteed quality, up-to-date materials; the only thing you’ll have to think about is whether to put up your feet and relax or seek out some family fun.

2. Newer cottages are more comfortable. Because older cottages weren’t constructed with modern, energy efficient building techniques, they (and their inhabitants) are at the mercy of our challenging local climate where temperatures swing drastically from sweltering to freezing. The result? An uncomfortable living environment and sky-high energy bills. Relying on the latest in building innovations, Marshall Homes creates quality-built homes that respond efficiently to local climate challenges, thereby keeping you (and your wallet) comfortable, no matter the temperature.

3. Older cottages can’t be customized the way a new one can. When you choose a pre-built cottage, it is what it is, unless you’re willing to take on expensive and time-consuming renovations. But when you build with Marshall Homes, you are in control. You’ll have the opportunity to add your own custom touches to one of our modern, livable floor plans up front. Love to cook and have a custom kitchen with specific features and finishes on your wish list? Need a basement to ensure plenty of space for family and friends? Want plenty of windows to usher in natural light and gorgeous views? Check, check and check. At Marshall Homes, we will work with you to create a custom cottage suited to fit your family, lifestyle, and budget without the hassle, stress, and cost of designing from the ground up.

4. Newer cottages can be built at your perfect location. Whether your happy place is a stone’s throw from the lake’s edge or perched high on a hill overlooking a forest of pines, Marshall Homes can place your custom home there. No more need to compromise between the ideal property and a cottage that fits your family’s needs. When you build a new cottage, you can have your perfect property and your perfect cottage, too.

Ready to start building memories? Let us help you create a cottage or home that you’ll be proud to own and share with friends and family for years to come.

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