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An insider’s tips for choosing a lot before they’re gone!

Hi everyone!

As we mentioned last month, it has been a very busy time at Port 32 and we thought you would like to take a look at our site plan now that it has been updated. As you’ll see the selection is getting less and less. Luckily, if you’ve ever driven through Port 32 you’ll soon realize that there’s no such thing as a bad lot or location.

Please note that some of the remaining lots have conditional offers on them and a few are in the process of firming up shortly.  So if you’re one of our many clients that are interested in a specific lot, give us a call and we can give you the current status.

A great way to snag your favourite lot

Many of our customers love to take advantage of our offer to secure a lot at today’s price and not have to close for up to a year!  It’s a great way to get into our  building schedule and secure the date that works for you.

If you like to travel through the winter, imagine coming home to your new Port 32 home in the spring! Some snowbirds like to come home from their winter getaway and then put their house on the market. Even if you don’t travel, having all this time to get your ducks in a row is very helpful and offers a great deal of flexibility. Countless Port 32 customers have enjoyed the flexibility of this program over the years.

Can’t decide? We can help!

Can’t decide on a lot?  Here are some inside tips:

  • Do you like the idea of instant tree coverage in your backyard?  Check out the lots between the model home (lot 42) and lot 38 in Phase II.
  • Looking for a walkout (giving you full height windows in your lower level)?  There seems to be a great interest in our remaining walk out lots.  See what’s available between lots 62 to 75 for your favourite location.
  • Want to be a stone’s through from Shore Spa?  There are still a few great lots nice and close to all the action.
  • The cluster of homes from lots 53 to 58 offer a very lovely setting with so much potential for incredible landscaping.  You can’t go wrong in this beautiful location.
  • Lastly, for complete privacy (at a great price) we have a small group of lots backing onto the berm.  The people who live in this location have done some amazing landscaping in their backyards with waterfalls built into the berm, huge entertainment areas on multilevel decks and other creative  ideas.  You can also save $50,000 on this location.  Hmmm….that would pay for a finished lower level!

Fall is always our busiest time  as people are making their plans for the next year.  If Port 32 is in your future, now is the time to come and see us.   Customize the home of your dreams and enjoy the incredible lifestyle that Port 32 offers before its too late!

You can check out our updated site plan here.  You can also book an appointment in the form below.